February 14

Valentine’s Day Loving


So here we are, Feb. 14th a day commonly associated with flowers, chocolate, and gifts for loved one’s. It’s also a day that can bring emotions of missing out and loneliness if one isn’t in a relationship.

The focal point of the day is to reflect on the love in your life, there are many forms of love that we all experience aside from being in a relationship. This love can be shown by your friends, family, passion projects, current place in life. Love stems from a sense of gratitude and can be found in many forms from the air we breathe, common bonds shared, daily food, current opportunities, and the mindset to find our inner voice that represents out true self, the one that quietly directs us to our path to follow. By showing gratitude and breathing in the abundance of love that surrounds us everyday, there is no place to feel lonely as we are filled with love, and from this state of being, you will find additional love to increase your capacity.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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