I Help Leaders To Become Confident Communicators

Many people struggle with a fear of public speaking. It costs them opportunities to advance their career, to earn more income, and holds them back from achieving their potential.

Even if you do seize speaking opportunities, many people are not comfortable and it’s not the “real you” that shows up when you’re sharing your message to a group of people.

Hi, I’m Lucas Mattiello and founded Level Up Living with the inspiration gained from my own experiences of living with anxiety and panic attacks.

How I Went From Anxious and Stressed Out To Confident And Free

For 15 years, I struggled with Panic Disorder, hiding it due to the fear of what others would think, fear of rejection, and not feeling good enough compared to other people. 

I was struggling, but the fear of looking weak or bad prevented me from getting the help I needed for many years.

Learning I Wasn’t Alone In My Struggle

I went to get help for anxiety and found out that it was actually very common.

That many people were being held back due to anxiety, it was robbing them of confidence, and stopping them from becoming their best self. 

This inspired me to start speaking publicly about my experiences to inspire those that were struggling.

I wanted them to know they were not alone. There are proven techniques that can help. That there is hope.

As I started speaking in public about my personal struggles, I started to feel anxious about talking about my anxiety.

 I was sharing a message I believed in, but the nerves were getting in the way.

This is when I started to apply my stress management techniques to my public speaking.

That’s when I became more confident speaking in public. The feeling of fully expressing my thoughts was truly liberating.

It was this experience of applying stress management and personal development techniques to public speaking that created a revolutionary system to build confidence.

Most traditional speaking confidence trainings focused on the scripts, body postures, and voice tonality…and those are important, but if a person is overwhelmed with nerves, lacks confidence, or doesn’t feel safe to share their authentic message, then even with the best skills, they won’t put themselves out there or if they do, it’s a diluted version of themselves.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve helps hundreds of Leaders become confident speakers, both on stage and on video.

Ranging from people that were deathly afraid to actually enjoy public speaking.

To coaching TEDx speaker, conference speakers, and even Miss Universe contestants to win the crown and speak to millions of people.

Thank you for reading this and I want you to know that you can become a confident speaker, the process will be life changing, and you will make a bigger impact in the world.

The next step is to book a call with us to see if we’re the right training for you to achieve your goals.

Your voice matters, so get it out there!

I Help Leaders To Become Confident Communicators

I Know The Joy That Comes From Removing The Masks We Often Hide Behind

The drive to regain control of my life began with becoming ready to finally tell the people closest to me about my situation. With their support, I was ready to fight back at the anxiety that previously made my mind work against me. Martial arts provided a place to practice panic simulation and test my self-management techniques.

Facing Fears Is A Skill We Can All Learn

Facing a fear is difficult at the best of times, but ignoring it only gave it more control over my life. By understanding the causes of my panic attacks and breaking down the process, what once was an indomitable force, became a vulnerable adversary. Every time I faced a situation that triggered an attack, it gave me more strength and comfort with the sensations.

I’m often asked if I’m scared I will relapse into my anxious past. The answer is simply, “No.” Today, I can confidently say that I no longer worry about any anxiety or panic that may happen in the future.

Managing My Stress And Anxiety

Anxious thoughts and stress do occasionally occur. The difference is that today, I have the tools to see it coming, the ability to use self-management techniques, the knowledge that there is no real threat to my safety, and that I’ve controlled more severe attacks in the past.

With this, I cannot go back into that darkness of isolation, embarrassment, and hopelessness.

The feeling of regaining control and breaking the shackles of anxiety has been incredible. I hope you’re inspired by this website, read the tools in my blog, and seek to overcome your challenges and realize your potential in pursuing a “Life Without Limitations.”

If you would like to learn to become a confident speaker, schedule a call with me and we will get you enrolled in my Confident Speaker course.