About Level Up Living

Our Mission

Level Up Living stands against the fear of public speaking - how it stops people from achieving their goals and causes people to die with massive regrets.

Our programs are designed to support people who are seeking to create an environment where people can get skills to improve their speaking confidence, have breakthrough experiences, unburden themselves from sharing their stories and experiences, and feel emboldened to reclaim their voice and speak their truth.


We've Been There...

Level Up Living started as a result of the Founder, Lucas Mattiello's personal struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. For 15 years he struggled with this and went through the journey to overcome this, then go on to become a TEDx speaker and the #1 expert on helping people become confident speakers.

So we know what it feels like to question if you're good enough, to fear being the centre of attention in a group of people, dreading the potential of being rejected when speaking, and the regret that comes with missed opportunities. 


We Want To Bring Change

The fear of public speaking consistently ranks as one of the most common fears people have, but as children, most people freely expressed themselves in every situation. So what happened? 

Most of our clients in their youth or early adulthood had experiences where they were embarrassed, shut down, or didn't feel safe to speak in public. This created a fear of public speaking and a pattern of avoidance or dread for public speaking began.

You had the ability to speak with confidence as a child, so now it's your time to reclaim the confidence that is rightfully yours and that will change your life. 


Meet Lucas Mattiello

Lucas Mattiello founded Level Up Living after having struggled with panic attacks and anxiety, he started to speak at youth groups to de-stigmatize mental health. The original intent was to help people know that if they were struggling with anxiety there was hope for change, tools that would help them, and that they were not alone. 

It began with a few talks with a mental health organization and from there Lucas started to have audience members ask if if he could work with them to overcome their fears and increase their confidence. 

Through word-of-mouth alone, a few clients turned into many and Lucas was asked to give a presentation to a corporate group. This training was wildly successful because it wasn’t just the technical parts of becoming more confident, but it addressed the personal side, their fears, and how to overcome those obstacles. 

After this training, Lucas was asked if he could do a focused training on overcoming the fear of public speaking and this personal development-centered approach was revolutionary in the industry and led to incredibly fast client transformations. 

12 years, over 1,000 clients, and a TEDx talk later and the Speak With Confidence Workshop became North America’s most effective training to overcome public speaking nerves and produce confident public speakers.