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Lucas's public speaking course enhanced my life in the most positive way.

Public speaking was one of my biggest fears and I would continue to turn down amazing opportunities because my fear got in my way.

After having a call with Lucas, he brought to surface where my fear stemmed from and I signed up for his course. It was one of the best investments I've made in myself.

I went from never wanting to speak up in any situation to now confidently leading retreats, speaking on panels and being interviewed on podcasts.

I highly recommend anyone to take this course. Especially those that are terrified of public speaking - it's truly a life changer!

Natalia A.


I was extremely hesitant to join because the fee was out of my budget.

But having explored some other options and unsatisfied, I decided to sign up.

The ambience was safe, it was a small group of like minded people who are going through the same journey as you. So no one judges you, in fact the atmosphere was greatly encouraging and collaborative.

Lucas is a wonderful facilitator, who keeps asking you to push your boundaries in healthy increments, the feedback was very helpful and the take aways are quite a lot.

This is more than just a public speaking course.

So If you are hesitant, I would strongly urge you to trust Lucas and experience the windfall. Let him help you.

Think of this as an investment in yourself. It is worth it."

Vish I.

Sales professional

For too many years I was afraid of public speaking. It was frustrating because I’m committed to change the Financial Services industry.

The training provided a safe environment to address my fears and build my confidence.
After the training, I spoke at a conference and felt like a Rockstar with everyone asking for my business card. Now I love speaking in public. It’s amazing to be able to say that.

Jay G. 


Lucas fosters a positive, and supportive environment where everyone during the 3 day course had so much personal growth and stage presence transformation.

We were all literally able to “Speak with Confidence." 

This is what Lucas excels in, helping people find their voice and confidence

Maki M.

Hr Recruiting