December 12

1 Mindset To Master Public Speaking


In networking, many things hold people back from becoming master public speakers. Let me share with you how you can move past them so you can get your message out there in a bigger way.

The paradigm shift you need to take on to increase your public speaking skills is to know this one thing: It’s not about who you know, but who knows you. When there are people who know you, like you and trust you, people can engage and work with you. When they work with you, that’s what allows you to make a big impact in the world.

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners get stuck because the fastest way to do this is to get on stages and to do videos. It allows you to build your authority platform.

When I was starting my business back in 2010, Gary Vaynerchuk was the one person that I watch the most. As I watch his videos, his message about putting yourself out there and adding value to the world struck me. When I had a mountain of self-doubt and critics, his message was one of the things that kept me going. It gave me the courage to keep pushing forward no matter what. Nine years later, it built me up in a much bigger way. So when I was given the opportunity to see Gary Vaynerchuk in person and potentially meet him, it was a big opportunity that I could not pass up!

Think about it from an authority standpoint. It’s who do you wanna connect with? How do you wanna get out there? The more you build your authority and your platform, the more people will want to engage with you. That’s why speaking on stages and videos are the fastest ways to position yourself as the authority. Why? Because it gives them a chance for them to say, “Okay, I see you and I like you. I believe in your mission and I believe that you can help me achieve my dreams.”

As entrepreneurs and business owners, our goal is to get exposure. Our goal is to be positioned at the highest level of thought leader in our industry because that’s where we can make the change and impact we want. Being a speaker is a completely different place to operate from. Don’t you love to be in a position where people are seeking your help instead of them seeking to help you? 

Now, there’s going to be a lot of self-doubt, judgments and many other elements that you have to move through. However, keep in mind that public speaking is a skill. And to master public speaking, you have to say yes to putting yourself out there, whether that be on stage or video. 

You might be thinking right now, “I’m not ready.” But the truth is, you will never feel ready. It’s all about the action of putting yourself out there, getting those views, getting those stages, and getting the reps in. As you start taking action, your skill set will develop and you will feel more confident.

Take Action

Are you ready to take action? Push past self-doubt by knowing that it’s about who knows you. Change your mindset so start building your influence, building your impact, and building the dream business that serves yourself and your clients.


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