December 9

Anxiety BC Christmas Party


I have recently been in contact with Anxiety BC and was invited to their Christmas party. It was refreshing to meet a progressive organization that is committed to assisting people facing anxiety challenges. The members were very welcoming and committed to exploring new methods to increase accessibility for those who can benefit. It was reaffirming to hear from members of their Scientific review panel that my experiences and willingness to share was valuable as lived experience is critical in getting the message out. That was a major hurdle I faced when starting out as I was told that I needed to be a Psychologist for people with anxiety to listen to me. I completely disagreed as I know the trust that comes with lived experience and knowing that the message you’re hearing is from someone that has been in your position.

I look forward to collaborating with Anxiety BC on future projects as they have a highly regarded team of professionals and I feel my experiences will add a new perspective to assist in our goal of reducing stigma and increasing the number of people seeking solutions for their anxiety. This year is ending with many significant developments and I look forward to the new year and building on the momentum.


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