December 26

Perspective Shift


I’m a bit behind on posting, but a lot of progress has been made in the past two weeks. The Christmas season was great as always, being surrounded by friends and family is the best.

The season was tinged in sadness as a family friend that I grew up with and her two youngest daughters aged 3 and 5, passed away in a tragic car accident.

She was only 6 years older than me and it caused a lot of reflection and reassessing what’s important in life. The daily issues, suddenly became not as important. This brought up the questions “if I passed away, would I have regrets?” Were there things I wanted to do, people I needed to reconnect with or fences to mend?

These were powerful questions that have led to a shift in mindset leading into 2012. I’m not sure what changes will result, but the fact that I’m thinking of it, will lead to changes.

Hope you had a great Christmas.


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