December 7

Defining “Failure”


It’s been interesting to reflect on what I viewed in the past as failure because often it was adversity which resulted in a turning point and opportunity once I accepted the new reality. My definition of failure was an exact desired outcome, which if not accomplished, would create a sense of fear and anxiety. Many times this fear was strong enough to stop me from trying something new because I didn’t want to fail and focused on the risk rather than the reward.

Reflecting on my experiences I now have a new perspective and view it as: “Failure is having a goal and allowing fear to prevent the first step.” By allowing the paralyzing nature of fear to rob you of the excitement and passion for the goal and take focus away from the reward would bring is a common realty.

By taking the first step towards a goal, any progress is success, regardless how small or insignificant it seems. Each step moves you closer to the goal, builds the mindset that you can do it, and empowers you to keep progressing. The fear can often be surrounded by fear of getting hurt, which can be painful, but generally makes us stronger and more resilient.

If you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not achieving your goals or that progress isn’t happening quick enough, remember that everyone faces adversity, its a requirement for success and you will get there if you keep taking steps in the direction of success.

Here’s a video that made me feel better when facing certain challenges.


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