October 29

Your Mindset Matters: The Secret To Success At My Public Speaking Workshop


My latest public speaking workshop recently started and I noticed there was a wide range in my client’s mindsets during the first class. Your mindset when starting a new program is powerful because it determines how willing you are to make the changes you desire. public speaking course, public speaking training, public speaking vancouver

Adopt The Success Mindset

The success mindset is when you enter a learning opportunity, such as a public speaking workshop with the expectation that you will gain the information that you require. Before we get into details of the success mindset, I would like to identify a few common mindsets, so you can self-identify so you can make a shift to a mindset that will provide you with greater results.

3 Mindsets That Will Rob You Of Results

1. Nervous Nancy

Nelly is the client that worries about what they will be asked to do in the public speaking workshop. They are concerned that I will make them do something that will embarrass them. When addressing this client, I continually reassure them that I’m experienced and will build up the challenges gradually so they will be prepared.

2. Distracted Dan

Dan represents presenteeism, this is when he is physically in the room, but his mind is focused on EVERYTHING but the class. With this client, I will focus on providing a great tip personally. This grabs their attention and they decide that there is value to pay attention and will become engaged.

3. Steve The Skeptic

Steve enters the first class with the belief that he’s been to public speaking training in the past and didn’t learn anything great. This can be a difficult client to reach as we must break down the barriers before he will accept the strategies and see the progress in his public speaking. I begin by asking him if there was anything he learned before, this is to change his negative script and accept that there was at least one item that was of value. Now that he’s agreed that there was some benefit, I focus on filming his introduction pitch, then make a few suggestions and film him on his second try. This always produces a significant difference and he’s witnessed the improvement so the barriers are down and we accelerate the progress.

The Success Mindset

Reviewing past clients, I have noticed that there’s a few common traits between the one’s that achieve the greatest results.

* They are excited to begin and committed to fully engage

* Do the homework and email me questions to improve the clarity of their message

* Have complete trust that each step of my workshop is designed to build on the last  P.S. It is:)

* They are focused in class and watch their classmates present to see how they can improve

If you attend any workshop and have this mindset going in, you will receive value, provided the facilitator knows whet they’re doing. My most successful client to date signed up for my workshop 2 months before it started and was very excited. When I asked him what he expected out of the workshop, he responded that it would boost his confidence and change his life. At first, I felt a lot of pressure because I cannot guarantee this result. Going through the workshop, I realized that he was soaking all the information in and taking massive action. His confidence surged and he’s a different person now, he exudes confidence and has changed his life.

While he credits my public speaking workshop with this change, the training is excellent, but most significant contributor was his success mindset and willingness to take action. Before your next learning opportunity  check in with yourself and see where your mindset is, this will be what dictates what you gain from the experience.


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