November 1

What Creates Rapid Results In My Public Speaking Course


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Walk Towards Opportunity

Many clients that have attended public speaking workshops, experience a shift in their beliefs and feel inspired at the event, only to leave the supportive environment and slowly lose their great intentions as life gets in the way.

This short-term motivation is great because it opens you to the possibility of what you can achieve, but the critical factor is taking consistant action. In my workshops, every client has made significant improvements in their public speaking ability and confidence levels. The key to a rapid change of going from a dark place, where the fear of public speaking is overwhelming to feeling confident and taking every speaking opportunity possible requires 2 factors:

The 2 Critical Factors For Public Speaking Success:

1) Identify what not changing costs you and how your life will benefit when you do.

Unless you have clearly identified and connected to the frustration of your current situation, long-term success will be difficult because you will likely become side-tracked from your goal. This may sound negative, but I’m realistic and have identified what’s needed for you to achieve your goals. Highlighting the current cost of not changing, provides fuel to power you to perform the activities needed to become a comfortable, confident public speaker.

2) Trust in me.

The mindset client’s have when starting coaching greatly affects the speed of their results. When you have full trust in me and my system, your focus is on how you will take the next step, not distracted by trying to figure out why I chose this exercise or am asking you to do this activity. This takes away from your effort as you are distracted from what will get your results. Trust in the process, everything I do has a specific purpose and my system builds on the last lesson. You are in good hands, put your energy into your speaking and we’ll celebrate your new speaking confidence after the last session.

Action Steps:

* List what not being comfortable with public speaking is costing you

* Identify what it’s cost you in the past, currently, and in the future

* Imagine if you were comfortable public speaking at any event, what does that feel like?

* What benefits will you experience with your new speaking ability?
More money, promotions, confidence, respect, etc.

Now that you have identified what confident public speaking will give you, take action now and let’s get you to your goals: Confident Public Speaking


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