November 22

Why I Love Anxiety Management Coaching


I’m often asked why I decided to pursue coaching people with stress and anxiety?               The answer is that Anxiety Coaching chose me.

Breaking The Limitations Of Anxiety

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After struggling with anxiety for 15 years and going through a wide-range of experiences, from feeling isolated like a lost explorer in the Arctic, blinded by the snow and unable to see the path to understand what caused my anxiety and knowing the map with the next step clearly defined. This process was transformational to say the least as the ceiling of my beliefs of what I could achieve was shattered like a bat smashing a pane of glass, the pieces on the floor representing my former limiting beliefs. As I was going through this process, I began sharing my experiences and receiving support from others struggling with stress and anxiety, with them being grateful that someone was discussing it. After becoming empowered through my experiences, my mission was to share my experiences and what worked for me. The goal is to ensure that nobody struggling with anxiety feels alone, powerless, and unsure of what they can do to change their situation.

After being interviewed by various media sources that put my story out, I began receiving calls and emails from people seeking assistance. This is why I feel that I was chosen to coach others as my experiences and knowledge allow for rapid trust to be built, this is essential to make progress. Once trust has been established, we address specific self-management techniques to empower you to take control of your situation and make positive changes.

Recently, I received a call from a University student that was living with anxiety and unsure what to do as it began having a serious impact on his life. We met for 3 sessions and due to his commitment to take action, his confidence and overall happiness improved dramatically. I’m confident that he will be very successful because he was self-aware that he needed to make a change and took action improve his well-being.

Client Review:

He sent me a thank you note and described his feedback on how the sessions have benefitted him.

Much of my life has been ridden with anxiety, which caused much self-imposed, unnecessary stress. I was so used to being anxious that it almost felt normal. After coming across Lucas’s Level Up Living website, and finding out what went through earlier in his life, I felt meeting with him to discuss his past and how it relates to mine would be a great first step in figuring out how to alleviate my anxiety, and ultimately, stress. After meeting multiple times, Lucas was able help me reframe my general perceptions and thoughts, allowing me to better manage stress, become more comfortable with situations in which I previously was not, and increase my general level of confidence and happiness. I would recommend Lucas to anyone who has experienced any variation or extent of anxiety, as he can help you become more aware of negative thoughts and perceptions, provide you with ways to effectively challenge them, replace them with positivity, help you organize a support network, and provide other ways to progress towards an anxiety-free life.



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