October 27

My Public Speaking Tips Were in Forbes…How This Happened


Having my public speaking tips mentioned in Forbes.com is an honour as it’s a publication that Ipublic speaking course forbes vancouver level up livinghighly respect and frequently read for business advice. I’m grateful for this exposure and want to share with you the sequence of events that created it, so that you too can prosper from similar types of exposure. Before we discuss the steps,we must accept this critical belief:

Public Speaking Presents Opportunities To Succeed!

I will share the 5 rules that assisted me and will empower you to dramatically boost your own exposure.

1. Take the leap

Every great accomplishment requires a first step, this is the most critical part because without it, you are guaranteed to not accomplish your goal. This may seem like a scary prospect, so find the smallest step you can take and do it immediately.

2. Put out great content

You’re working towards your goal…congrats!! Now you must focus on delivering quality because we are overloaded with information and you need to stand out to build your reputation. Your biggest competition is time and you don’t want to waste your audience’s. Focus your content on what will assist your readers the most (if you have none, imagine what they will need)

3. Build relationships

I reached out to every new social media contact I made, this was very time consuming, but I place a high priority on relationship as I feel that it’s a major factor to business success. Natalie, the blogger who referenced my tips in her Forbes.com article, read my blog content and felt that it was quality material that would be helpful for her readers and voila.

4. Gain exposure

Public speaking has created exposure opportunities for my business and awareness of how I can assist. When presenting, it’s important to note that the number of sales conversions is not the only factor of success. Everyone in the room now knows who you are and may refer you to people in their networks.

5. Hustle

The term “Hustler” can have a negative association with making money from illegal activities. That’s one form of Hustler, as I view a Hustler as someone who takes action and is willing to overcome adversity to achieve their goals. Urban Dictionary has this description “A hustler is not lazy he’s consistently out earning money. He gets the money by using his smarts and outcunning everyone out there.” The grind of building a brand and gaining exposure takes time and requires you to embrace adversity for what it is: An opportunity to show how bad you want to succeed. 

Action Steps:

*When you’re working away in obscurity and feeling that your dream is far away, ask yourself what would a Hustler do?

*What calls or connections can you make to get results today, then take action and do it.

*What opportunities can you pursue to speak in public? ex: Meetup groups, community events, strategic alliance event. Contact your leads immediately

Gotta run, the hustle is calling:)


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