April 5

Why Would I Want To Speak In Public? How To Improve Communication-Pt 1


I Want To Speak With Confidence!

“I’m afraid to speak in public and want to change, what should I do?” is the most commonly asked question I get.

The fear of public speaking is the most common fear as some statistics say upwards of 75% of the population suffers significant discomfort when speaking in public. The reality for most people is:

Speaking in front of an audience is intimidating

I undertand where they’re coming from, as you become very vulnerable standing in front of an audience with nothing but a microphone to protect you from their stares, judgements, and potential to embarrass yourself.

That’s why I filmed this 6 part series to become comfortable speaking on stage. While it may say that it’s for speaking from a stage, you can apply these techniques to become effective with 1-on1, small groups, and team meetings. This is part 1, which identifies the motivation for you to take the first step towards confident communication.

Click on this video to begin the process to speak with comfort and confidence.

While is may be frightening to speak in front of a crowd, there is no quicker way to reduce nerves than taking immediate action. List what opportunities you are missing out on and what you will gain from speaking in public and take the first step.


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Why People Fear Public Speaking

Why People Fear Public Speaking
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