January 23

Tip #1 Confident Public Speaking=Great Salary


Excited woman under a money rain - isolated over a white backgroundGreat Public Speaking Will Get You Promoted

Remember how it feels to go unnoticed at work, to feel invisible and that you don’t have a voice?

That’s in the past because today, you just received a message from the future you, the person that is viewed with respect and whose opinion is asked in important work matters.

We live in a competitive time, with layoffs, job instability, and restructuring becoming the norm, receiving a promotion is a challenge for most, but not for you anymore, you’ve just uncovered the secret to bypass your competitors.

According to Forbes, the top communication skill to get you promoted is public speaking. This also happens to be the most common fear, which is exactly why you will turn it into your greatest advantage.

How Public Speaking Will Get You Promoted:

1. You Can’t Be Seen If You’re Invisible

The larger the organization, the more this rule applies to you as you become reduced to a number, one of the faceless number of people that are in the company. When you speak, you instantly become recognizable, you become memorable and have an opportunity to be known as a person of importance, not another one of the rank and file.

2. Competition Crusher

When a promotion is available, who do you think will receive more interest, the person who’s only sound at meetings is their breathing or you, after you have contributed and made your valuable insights and opinions known?

When you’re able to speak in public with confidence, your competition drops dramatically, it becomes you against a bunch of people with question marks if they could be an effective leader.

3. Asserting Your Value

Assertive communication demonstrates your leadership qualities, for commanding a room and effectively presenting your main points is a skill that all leaders must have. When your boss needs someone to lead a group meeting, speak with media, or coach co-workers, the person with the best public speaking skills will be selected because it makes your boss look good and you’ll look great. This cements your value in the organization as you succeed where most people would fail and this provides an opportunity to increase your value when you discuss salary and compensation.

The Facts

75% of the population has a fear of public speaking and this is great for you! This means that during a meeting, while your competitors squirm in their seats, trying to make themselves invisible and hope they don’t have to say anything, you will command the respect of the room by sharing your information and making yourself a valuable piece in your company.

Take the first step and if you’re nervous to speak at your next meeting, the best strategy is to say something, no matter how minor you may feel it is, as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more the nerves and anxiety will have an opportunity to build, take action now!!


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  1. I’m not sure what the numbers have to do with anything. As a deathly shy child who was desperate to become a teacher, I had to learn to overcome my fear of public speaking on my own. If only I had known there were actually people out there who could help.

    Now that I have chosen a different career path and am self employed I attend several networking events. I can not even tell you how many adults are terrified to even just speak for one minute to introduce themselves.

    I couldn’t care less what the percentages are, the fact is people need help and I think it is simply amazing that coaches like Lucas exist to make there life less stressful and feel more confident.

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