August 27

How To Handle The Fear of Offending People While Speaking on Stage or Video


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to put myself out there, but I’m afraid of offending people”? Do you want to put yourself, either on a video or on a stage, but you’re afraid of dealing with all the possible backlash? In today’s world, it’s very dangerous to speak up because you could offend someone. That’s why many people operate from a place of fear even before they hit record on that video or step on that stage.

When you’re speaking in front of a large audience, you won’t be able to know what’s on their mind. Some may agree with you, while others may not. Some may align with what you’re saying, but others may get offended.

So what happens is either you avoid all speaking opportunities or you show up as a highly filtered version of yourself. Sadly, the latter is the quickest way to lose alignment and lose yourself in the process because you’re living out of fear. Whenever you show up to scan the audience by always asking “who’s being offended by this?” that’s the time you are holding your power back.

If you don’t go too far, you will never go far enough! But to do that, you may have to possibly offend others. Not because you want to, but because that’s just how it is.

1. Are you speaking to purposefully offend people?

There’s a big shift that needs to happen from people being offended and people disagreeing. If people disagree, that’s normal. We’re all different humans who have completely different backgrounds. I don’t know your background, you don’t know mine, and we’re on a completely different journey. For that reason, disagreements are natural!

However, offending people on purpose is a different subject. As long as you know that you are coming from an authentic place, you have nothing to worry about.

2. Are you speaking your truth?

Ask yourself, “What is true for me?” When you come from a place knowing you are speaking your truth and doing it from a place of service, you have nothing to worry about. People may not agree with you but that’s okay.  Sometimes, it isn’t a personal attack or being offended, it’s just simply disagreements of opinions.

Don’t put up negative energy in dealing with haters. When people don’t agree with your message and your point of view, that is totally cool. Respect them, keep moving forward, and focus on attracting your tribe.

Step into your power, Speak your truth

In today’s world, it’s guaranteed that not all people will agree with your message. What you can do is to keep coming from a place of speaking your truth. The biggest downfall that may happen to you is rejecting yourself, which happens whenever you censor yourself in front of others. 

So step into your power and speak your truth while respecting those who don’t agree with you. At the end of the day, you are being true to yourself and that’s all that matters. Never let fear hold you back. Share your message and make it happen!

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