October 8

Affirmation of The Career Path


I recently facilitated my 2nd Stress & Anxiety Management workshop at a Youth program that teaches skills to assist in finding employment. The youth are awesome and a truly inspiring group that makes me grateful for the career path I’m following. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that a difference is being made in what they learn, this is not only my opinion, as they are very open and honest and would not hold back in telling me if my presentation was terrible:)

I see a lot of myself in the class and see the conflict that results from not getting straight answers on what they’re dealing with and answers for what they can do to overcome challenges currently they’re facing. The teenage and young adult years are difficult times for most as finding an identity, career path, and where you feel comfortable can lead to diverse paths, where the meaning is not always apparent at the time. What I did see in the group was a lot of personality, insight, and potential, I believe they will do great things once they find answer their internal questions and find a direction to pour their energy into.

This presentation identified that there is not many programs able to capture their attention and make them think about solutions and not focus on the problems. This echos my thoughts for creating this website and pushing forward with developing the business. It has been a leap of faith because this is completely new, there’s no blueprint, and the temptation to get another job and rejoin the rest of the world has been tempting, especially hitting 30 and not being able to tell people exactly what I do, because I didn’t really know myself:)

I was pulled into this project because I felt my experiences could help others struggling where I spent many years stuck and could accelerate their progress if they had information of what they’re facing and a game plan to follow. Having some positive feedback has been incredible as working in isolation and without feedback has been a big challenge. Knowing that my work is appreciated and helpful feels great and has given a boost of energy to continue pressing forward. With Thanksgiving yesterday, taking a reflective look on where I am, I’m feeling very grateful, am enjoying the journey, and curious to see how it unfolds.

Thank you for reading:)


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