October 15

Change Your Body, Change Your Life


This is a difficult time for people as the holidays usually represent days of excess eating and lack of exercise. Trying to squeeze in some exercise, regardless of how minimal it seems, will make for a happier you.

Many people will say they plan on getting in better shape in the new year and include this in their resolution. The truth is many people, present company included, have said this and not achieved the goal. When deciding on a goal there are a few factors to consider that will give a better chance of success:

1. Why are you interested in improving your physical condition? This might seem like an obvious answer, but many people give up on this goal because they hate working out. Identify the pain or restrictions that your current phyical state causes you. This will keep you focused and will give you a reason to continue exercising.

2. Saying you will work out 3-4 days a week in order to achieve your goal SOUNDS great, but if you don’t have a schedule, procrastination usually sets in and workouts are skipped. This can lead to a feeling of disappointment and defeat, which usually doesn’t fuel motivation to exercise. If possible, find a workout partner. This will make exercising fun, have someone to keep you accountable for sticking with it, and provide motivation when it’s needed.

Create a schedule of times that you will work out and make it a priority. I don’t like lifting weights in a gym, so I found classes and activities that burn calories and are fun to participate. This has made getting exercise fun and the results have been promising.

3. Analyze your diet. Have a personal trainer or do some research on healthy eating plans. The truth is that most people know what they shouldn’t be eating, but you would be surprised to see how bad certain items are. Cutting out anything you enjoy is not a long-term plan and will only make you unhappy, so for your benefit and the benefit of people that know you, practice moderation. You would be surprised to see how many substitutes there are for the things you love and are not healthy ,


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  1. It’s true! Lots of people quit after 2 months at the gym.
    You made me think of a new way to pitch dodgeball to people.

    1. That’s great to hear Kennett, you’re right motivation fades, routine is the key to long-term success. Making exercise a fun, social activity is a great way to associate good times with improving fitness. Dodgeball would definitely fit the fun way to exercise criteria and give you stress relief as you can hit people and not be charged with assault:p

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