July 11

Your Best Return On Investment Is…


I always find it interesting to see which business professionals take action when offered to attend my training courses because they’re in two distinct categories and it’s a huge predictor of success.

There are so many different types of investment you can make, it’s actually a bit overwhelming because there are just so many choices. A way to make your decisions easier is to look at your investments with the focus of Return on Investment (ROI)

This makes it easy because you look at every option and as an example, ask yourself, if I invest $100, how much can I expect my investment to give back? When you begin to look at investments in this manner, you begin to apply it to all situations when you pay money for a product or service and this is where it becomes powerful, especially when you’re comparing training programs because you look at the investment and project how much it could increase your sales, opportunities, and income. When looking at different investments, be it a night out for dinner and drinks, new clothes, or training, ask yourself how much that will contribute to your future aka what’s my ROI. In my experience, there is no greater investment than training because it provides you with skills that you can use in many situations and ultimately, fuels the machine that earns you money…YOU!!

How Does This Predict Success?

When reviewing my clients, there’s a certain type of person that views training as an investment and they are people that are already successful or are on the path to success. The unfortunate reality is that many business professionals struggle and will continue to struggle because they don’t want to invest in themselves or mentors that could improve their business. It’s sad when I encounter these people because they tell me they can’t afford to have my training, but will tell me about their latest trip, night out or new clothes. It’s absolutely mind-boggling at times, but as with most lessons in life, sometimes it takes a major financial setback, adversity, or a business being on the verge of bankruptcy for these individuals to seek training to improve their business. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to you as you read this blog and recognize the value of training and continuously improving yourself to maximize your ROI and empower your money making machine to operate at peak potential.


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