July 15

The Mindset You Need For Long-Term Success


There’s an interesting story about getting rich quick, from my mentor, Eben Pagan, who describes a letter that you receive claiming that “you can get $1,000 in your mailbox every week and to find out how, send $10 to the address provided.” So you are some somewhat skeptical, but figure that $10 isn’t a huge amount of money, so why not take the risk. You’ve been waiting for the “secrets” and finally it arrives!

Now dreams of riches come out, you open the letter and it says: To receive $1,000 in your mailbox every week. Send this mail this exact letter and get 100 people to send you $10 to learn for to get $1,000 in their mailbox.

You’ve been taken for a ride and learned a valuable lesson, we’ve all heard that if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The reasons these get rich quick scams work is because we’re always looking for a shortcut, how to do things better, faster, and cheaper than before. Finding efficient methods is great, but I caution you, as most long-term success is a direct result of having patience and taking action daily to get you closer to your goals. When I look at the biggest success stories, the one factor that generally applies, is that they sacrificed, took daily action, and continued to have hope that they would achieve their goal.

I find this especially true, in public speaking, there’s no switch or magic pill that will immediately transform you into a world-class speaker. If you want to improve your public speaking, there are three ways to become successful:

1. Find information or a mentor to teach you the shortcuts they learned to accelerate your progress.

2. Take action daily to improve your speaking skills

3. Remember that where you are today, is a learning opportunity to create long-term success by refining your presentations today.

Here’s a video that addresses the mindset you need to succeed.


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