October 29

Sell Your Products On Video and On Stage


Do you want to sell your products or services on video or stage, but you’re afraid to fail? Do you want to be able to effortless offer your product or service so that your ideal clients are excited to purchase from you? You worry about coming across as too “salesy,” that people may not like you, or that it’s gonna be cringe-worthy?

Before we focus on the audience, we have to first go within. You have to sell yourself first. This happens before you get on any stage and before you make any offer. Usually, people make the big mistake of getting so focused on getting the clients to buy. It’s not about that. It’s about selling yourself on your worth, on the value, on the transformation.

Let me share five tips today to help you increase your conversion rate when you’re making offers.

1. Connect with the value of your product and service.

When you are getting ready to make that offer, so many fears and doubts will come up. But if you know the value of what you are offering, you will realize that you are actually doing your clients a favor. The first step is to think about what transformation will happen for your clients if they will purchase from you.

Think about the product or service you’re offering and ask yourself, “How is this going to change their life?” That is where you have to come from.

2. Seed the offer upfront.

Have you ever been through a seminar or a talk before and you get caught off guard with an offer? There are so many important gaps in terms of framing your offer. One of those gaps is to seed the offer upfront.

A confused mind will always shut down and will never make a decision. There’s going to be some excuse and they’re going to put it off. So when you’re framing the offer, make sure that you seed it early.

If you’re doing a one-hour talk, tell them right away that you will invite them to join your program at the end of your talk. Let them know right away if you are going to offer a product or a service. Whatever it is, let them know that in the end there will be an offer made.

When I do my seminars, I tell everyone right up front about my offer on the first day. I tell them that I do have a Mastermind called the “Thought Leader Mastermind,” an amazing collection of kind-hearted, impact-driven entrepreneurs. On the first day, I tell them that I am going to make an invitation tomorrow to join the Mastermind. If it aligns with them, I’d love to have a chat. If not, that’s cool.

When everything is upfront, it allows them to be able to move forward with ease because they’re expecting it. You don’t want to catch people off guard, so don’t hide anything. Give the information and give the price. It’s about being completely transparent and authentic.

3. Focus on the transformation.

When making an offer, focus on the transformation it will make for them. Don’t just show your product or service and then tell how much it is. Let your clients know and see the result of what could possibly happen for them.

The truth is, people only buy transformations! They buy a product because they see a solution to their problem and have a transformation in mind. They see what is possible and how their lives could change.

The only reason somebody is going to buy and overcome all the resistance is when they see the transformation in their minds. Once they see your product or service helping them with that transformation, they will say yes to you.

In my experience, every single sale where I’ve not had an ideal client said yes, it was because the dream wasn’t correctly framed. They weren’t able to see it. If they’re not able to see it, they’re not going to make the purchase. It just makes so much sense.

Every time you’re offering a product or service, see to it that you get through the features and all the benefits of it. Most importantly, focus on what the transformation is going to be for them.

4. Stand for their transformation.

When you make an offer, the energy shifts when it is “decision time.” Especially if you are offering a more high-ticket item, your potential buyers have to put a lot of thought into it. They go through their budgeting, the risks, the fears, and many other things. They ask questions like, “What if I buy it and it doesn’t work out for me? What if I regret my decision?” All these questions and fears will go through their minds. What you need to do is allow them to think and give them time to process.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on this journey is to embrace the discomfort when making an offer. When it’s decision time, don’t make the offer and then runoff. Just let them sit with it because as they do, they go through the process that is needed for them to make the right decision. It’s going to be either a yes or a no. What matters is you give them time and stand for their transformation.

A lot of times, when the hesitation pops up, the fear pops up too. It’s all ego-based. You start to feel uncomfortable too for making them feel uncomfortable. You are making them feel awkward and you don’t like how it feels. But it’s all about sitting for it and standing for their transformation. Overcome your fears and focus on how it can help them.

5. Walk Your Talk

To be able to share your message and make your offers with ease, focus on walking your talk. For instance, if you’re offering a high-ticket service, you have to be in it yourself to know the emotions that it goes through. If you tried the product or service yourself, it gives you credibility.

Walk your talk, know the emotions, know the journey that you’re leading your clients down. When you do this, you will be able to speak from your power. It will give you the integrity to make an offer with ease and confidence.

Make An Offer Today

As entrepreneurs, the ability to make a great impact comes from being able to sell your service. As you make offers, you will be able to feel more comfortable standing for the transformation. These five tips will help you go from feeling awkward to feeling confident.

What are you waiting for? Put yourself out there. Make that offer because that is how you are going to change the world.

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