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How To Overcome The Fear of Seeing Yourself On Video


Are you one of those people who don’t like seeing their faces on camera because it brings up a lot of fears in you? Well, you’re not alone. Watch this video and let me help you turn your situation around. Let me help you overcome that fear of seeing yourself on video.

1. Look at the big picture

When I work with clients, the first step I give them is to watch their videos and ask themselves two things. The first question is, “What did I do well?” Starting off with the positive will get the momentum going. Once you have the momentum, that’s where you can keep it going.

The second question is, “What will I refine next time moving forward?” Acknowledging errors is necessary to know what needs to be fixed and refined. As you watch your videos, always take a big picture, step back, and know that this is going to be video one of maybe a thousand in your lifetime.

In the big picture, another thing that might come up is the comparison trap. Some people watch their favorite YouTube stars or favorite motivational speakers and say, “They’re so much better than me.” They start to feel like they’re not good enough.

Remember that the only way you fail in this game is by not putting yourself out on video. The ultimate failure is allowing opportunities to pass you by. The ultimate win, on the other hand, is taking action and moving forward.

2. Give yourself permission to start

To take action and move forward, you have to permit yourself to start. This is the biggest victory that’s going to happen. You don’t have to be great before you start.

When I work with clients, the first videos they do in the first week of our training program is called “dog shit video week.” In the first week, I give them full permission to purposely try to do the worst video they can possibly can. In that way, there will be no expectations – only permission to get started. When we look at it, we laugh for a while and then ask, “So how can we build up and move forward from there?”

3. Document your rise

As you put yourself on videos, you are also documenting your rise. This may be your first video, but it’s inspiring! A year from now, you will look back and say “Wow, I made so much progress.” However, it needs a start.

It might be uncomfortable for you right now. You may think, “What if people see my old videos and they’re not as good and professional as they should be?” But you know what? Most people wouldn’t care. It won’t matter where you started. What matters is where you are now!

When your audience sees you doing amazing videos and look back on your old videos, they will be inspired. You are doing them a favor by giving them hope of what’s possible when someone commits to taking action and making it happen.

4. Let go of the Inner Critic

The very first thing in this whole journey is putting yourself on video. However, watching yourself is the main thing that brings up all the fears as the inner critic comes in. For most people, this inner critic is not even their fault. It’s just the way our brains have been wired! We’re always on the lookout for threats and we have a negativity bias where we are going to point out the negative things first before looking at the positives.

When it comes to building up for the documentation piece, it’s motivating to start wherever you are and just work on yourself as you move forward. Embrace where you are. It’s perfect! And then ask yourself, “Where do I want to do?” In this way, you can see changes as you move forward.

Every single video, I suggest you write a list of five things you love about yourself. It could be the fact that you start making videos or you had a good smile. Whatever it is, make a list of the things you did well and the things you love about yourself.

Keep in mind that body image and other similar issues will come up. Many have their fears and insecurities that when they look at the camera, there’s a disconnect between how “they think they look” and how “they really look” on the camera. You have two options. Either look and say “This is not how I want to come across” or “This is where I am today and it’s okay.”

5. Know that this is the best you can today

When I started, I was hesitant about putting myself on video. I was doing it in my parent’s basement. The lighting sucks, the audio sucks, and the camera sucks. It was a very rough video and everything was terrible.

One night, I went out with a gentleman named Rob Toth and he told me this: “Do you think that some kid is struggling and feeling hopeless right now in America? Do you think he cares about the lighting being off, the mic being off, and the camera being off? Or do you think he cares that he knows there is hope?”

What he said helped me shift things around. I realized there are going to be little boys and little girls out there struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Maybe my video will give them the spark of hope that something can be changed. So I told myself, “All right, let’s go. Let’s do this.”

To overcome the fear of seeing yourself on camera, know that this is the best you can give today. Reinforce the courage to go, “I am getting started, this is the best I’m going to do today, and this is just the beginning of my rise.” Doing so will spike up inspiration. The fact that you dare to put yourself out there will inspire many people.

Go Beyond Your Fears and Insecurities

People won’t put you under the microscope that you put yourself under. Focus on the audience because all they want is to hear your message. People want to be inspired and uplifted. They want to know that there are possibilities to change their lives.

Give yourself full permission to get started on a video. Through this courageous act you are taking, you are not just helping yourself but you are also helping the world.

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