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How To Skyrocket The Connection With Your Audience


Do you want to engage with your audience in a better way every time you speak? One little-known technique that is going to skyrocket your connection with your audience is INTENTIONALITY. Intentionality is directing your attention and focus on a specific goal. Whenever you put yourself out there to speak, you can’t just say, “Let’s see where it goes.”

Whether speaking on stage, in training, or a video, here are three intentionality techniques you can use to increase your connection, engagement, and client results.

1. Goal: Get clear on what you want your audience to do, think, and feel.

With intentionality, the first piece is asking yourself what you want your audience to do, think and feel as a result of the content that you are going to share. Before you speak, ask yourself what your intention for your audience is. What it is that you want them to get? This pertains to their hopes, dreams, and everything that comes around from their personal break-through.

When you start from that place, it will give a powerful shift in your mindset. You will then ensure that your content and your delivery is going to line up to achieve those goals. As a result, you will be able to show up more powerfully.

2. Content: Get clear on what you want your audience to learn.

Once you have their goals and you know what you want them to feel, to think, to do, you may create the content that is going to support that.

Sometimes, you can have tons of PowerPoint slides without knowing what to put into it. When creating content, ask yourself, “Is this going to support my audience from achieving the results that they want?” If the answer is yes, it stays in. If the answer is no, you have to remove it. Asking this simple question makes it so much easier to cut out slides and extra content that are not supporting the goals and actions you want them to make.

In addition, see to it that you are intentional with providing clarity. In today’s world, people need to be led. You may not want to force them to go into a certain direction and be pushy, but you have to put that aside.

The default setting of most people is to say no, and that’s the reason why you have to create a compound place for them to sit with your content and reevaluate. Let them know the opportunity that is in store for them, and the cost if they don’t take action. When you have these two pieces very clear and well laid out in any of your content, you give your audience clarity that will help them decide from their place of power.

3. Delivery: Get clear on who you are and be a vessel of showing up

Who are you and how are you going to show up? There is nothing wrong with wanting the audience to get blown away with your content. But sometimes, you may focus too much on that piece that you forget about showing up as yourself.

A lot of speakers want to please their audience and provide good technical information. But often, they do it because they come from a place of low confidence. They want to please people and win the entire audience over. They forget to show up as themselves and simply be a vessel.

Let me share with you the 20/20/60 technique that will help you fight this mentality. 20/20/60 stands for: 20% of the audience is going to love you regardless of what you say, 20% of them are going to hate you regardless of what you say, and 60% of them are undecided. This technique will help take the pressure off of you. It will remind you to stop trying to win people over and just be free to be yourself.

Never forget to show up as a vessel that will help your clients achieve their goals. Doing so will also attract regular clients. It’s like you are telling them, “If you resonate with us, come on board. If you don’t, that’s cool too.”

The Place of Intentionality

When you come from the place of intentionality, you will come from your power. It’s going to dramatically increase your engagement, your connection, and the results your clients get. What is the intention that you have for your clients? Follow these three techniques to become a more confident speaker and make a bigger impact to the world.


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