September 25

The Fear Of Public Speaking Is Great News For You!


Statistics show that 75% of people fear public speaking and that it’s the number one most common fear, even ranking higher than DEATH…amazing. While this may be shocking and perhaps you are among the 75% that fear public speaking, I want you to know that it’s also your secret weapon.

Public Speaking represents the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and let your target market get to know you and how you can assist them. Your competitors won’t see your secret weapon coming and will only notice when their sales drop because you new friend is boosting your bottom line.

public speaking secret weapon
When you become comfortable speaking in front of groups, your competition will drop as 3 out of every 4 competitors, will be hiding in their offices, too scared to speak, while you will be giving a presentation and generating leads, exposure, and sales.

So what if you’re not an entrepreneur and work for a company, how will public speaking help you?

In today’s economy, getting noticed as a valuable part of your company will increase your chance of getting promoted, a raise, and avoiding a layoff, should it happen. Standing out in a company can be a challenge, so here’s a few ways to make it happen:

*Lead a meeting and show that you’re involved

*Ask questions during strategy session, everyone now knows you’re part of the team

*Give feedback on your company’s future plans, it shows you care

Every situation would significantly increase your exposure in the workplace. As much as skills are critical for career advancement, how you interact and communicate with a team is a major factor as your boss must be comfortable working with you on a daily basis. Here’s a workplace scenario that instantly cementes your value: your team is stuck and ¬†someone needs to present for the company. Most of your co-workers will avoid it like the plague and when you step up and agree to present, you are now viewed as a courageous leader and this will be remembered when potential opportunities arise.

Public speaking skills are critical for everyone, if you you have your own business, work in an organization, or are looking for employment, being comfortable speaking in front of groups will allow you to seize any opportunity that presents itself and will dramatically change your life.

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