September 25

Have I gone crazy?


No, I haven’t had a relapse into the darkness of anxiety and depression with my public speaking workshop, quite the opposite actually:)

The public speaking workshop to assist business professionals become comfortable and confident speaking in public, I’m frequently asked how I can be so sure that I can deliver on my promise to offer a guarantee?

This is a great question because I don’t pre-screen participants, so it may seem like a difficult promise to make, and here’s the reasons why I can deliver on this bold statement:

1. This public speaking system works…period.

I have refined my program to ensure results are gained and have assisted many clients in achieving success.

2. I believe in my inspiration and training abilities.

Having conquered my personal anxiety and coached many clients to become empowered against anxiety, I know how the fear shows up in one’s mind, what statements and beliefs are held and most importantly, how to challenge them.

3. Participants want to improve their public speaking.

Generally speaking, anyone that signs up for the workshop sees the value being comfortable speaking in public will give them and is committed to make dramatic improvements.

Registering for any workshop represents a risk because you are investing your time, money, and energy. Here are a few questions to ask that will reduce your risk when selecting a public speaking workshop:

*Does the workshop leader practice what they preach?

This is my first red-flag because if they are not actively putting their lessons in action, then perhaps their lessons are out-dated, ineffective, or simply don’t work. Would you trust a business coach that’s never had a business?

*Are there videos or posts that allow me to get a feel if I trust and connect with them?

Listening to your gut feeling is critical and often steers you in the right direction. If you don’t know them personally, you must get a feeling if you believe they will be able to assist you to reach your goals. Videos and bios allow you to gauge  your feelings and make an impression.

*Do they promise results and is it guaranteed?

We’ve all attended training where you leave either feeling overwhelmed with the information or felt that you didn’t get your money’s worth. This feels terrible because it feels that you made a mistake and nobody wants to do that. If the public speaking workshop offers a guarantee, it proves that they are confident in their product and reduces the risk.

When selecting your next workshop, ask these questions and see if you feel better about registering for the session. I feel that any workshop facilitator that offers a great service should feel comfortable offering a guarantee if they truly believe in their product and that’s why I offer a double your money back guarantee. I do this because I don’t want you to feel any pressure when signing up, it’s worry free, let me put the pressure on my shoulders to deliver. All you must do is show up, be ready to learn together, and become comfortable speaking in public starting today, click here: Public Speaking


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