January 11

Changing The Environment


I have recently moved into an office in downtown, Vancouver and it feels great. Previously I had been working from a desk in my bedroom, (you have to start somewhere) but found that my productivity has dropped significantly in the past 2 months.

This couldn’t continue as I need to gain momentum and make progress on my book and program. There were too many distractions at home and I found myself getting sidetracked and staying that way for many hours. Then, it would be getting late, so I would scramble and begin working, only to find that it quickly became too late and I wanted to avoid working through the night as I’m trying to improve my sleeping habits.

This became difficult to take as I’m passionate about assisting people living with anxiety to gain strategies that allows them to regain control, but found myself in a rut, this is when the thoughts of rejoining the rest of the world and getting a “regular” job became prominent.

I began working from coffee shops and found some great places that would provide a productive environment for a couple hours, then I began feeling uncomfortable being there too long and I would go to another shop.

This also didn’t solve the isolation many entrepreneurs face when starting out and not having much social interaction. I get energy from meeting new people and socializing, being isolated feels like punishment to me:(

I was informed of an office share and checked it out. Moving to an office is premature from a financial stand point, as I don’t have many clients, but made complete sense from a happiness perspective. Trusting my heart has been a good move so far, I feel energized from the moment I wake up. I now have a routine where I get ready for work, arrive, and focus on what I want to accomplish during the day. Getting dressed in professional clothes has also made a big difference, the moment I walk out, I feel like I’m on a mission and am going somewhere with a purpose.

I’m excited to have found a place where I feel comfortable to sit down and believe this will translate into more productivity. I’m tired of telling people my book and program “will be ready soon.” I look forward to being able to promote my book and have made a contribution that will last. Also, making sales will be a great feeling, gotta eat somehow:)


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