November 25

Attack The Panic Attack


Controlling anxiety attacks is a daunting challenge. It has taken many attempts, complete with successes and failures, but I am making progress and regaining control of my life. It feels great and I am now ready to put my story out to provide inspiration and support for others pushing to control their lives.

I viewed my Panic attacks as an opponent that I was fighting. The different part is that this opponent is in your head, so the attacks can be unpredictable.

Here was my game plan to Attack the Panic Attack:

Treat the journey of understanding anxiety as a process. This will reduce the disappointment of setbacks, success is possible, but will not happen overnight. Make an effort to document your journey as it will provide positive feedback and remember that every time you try and have a setback, you are that much closer to succeeding.

Attack the Panic Attack:

1) Your support network will help you conquer anxiety attacks, but this is your battle and YOU MUST WANT IT.

2) Think about the pain anxiety causes and how great it would feel to not constantly worry about it, this will propel you through the difficult times.

3) Raise awareness to negative thoughts and beliefs, then ask if it’s a fact or a thought, this provides additional outcomes, change your beliefs to positive statements. Having a mindset that change is possible is critical.

4) Controlling anxiety is a battle and needs a plan. What steps are you going to take to defeat the anxiety? When anxiety appears and throws a punch, will you block it, what is your counter punch going to be? Make it as detailed as possible and write comments of your progress every time you go to challenge your anxiety.

5) Write down examples of positive steps you have taken to control your anxiety. These will be used when you are pushing your limits and the fear sets in. Remember that you have fought through scary situations before; you can do it again.

6) Know that many other people face similar anxiety challenges, it’s very common. They have controlled their anxiety, it’s possible and so can you.

7) The only thing that can stop you is you. Turn your experience into a positive journey to success. Believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to succeeding.

8) Anxiety attacks are assisted by overactive imaginations, use your brilliantly creative mind for your benefit and visualize yourself living the anxiety free life that you deserve.

This will be a battle, but know that regaining control of your life is the ultimate prize.

Wishing you strength on your journey,



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