November 23

1% Chance…I Like Those Odds


I found this video very powerful and have listed a few points that you can apply to anxiety and regaining control over it.

Change is only possible when you are ready to pursue it, willing to sacrifice, and push through the uncomfortable parts to achieve your goal. I tried ignoring my panic disorder for many years, living with the discomfort because I wasn’t identifying the pain it caused. When I listed the negative consequences and was confronted with them in paper, I was ready to change and finally fight back. I see many people acknowledge their anxiety and not do anything about it, not sure where to start. I was part of that group, many factors can lead to this situation, not believing it’s possible, lack of hope, not sure you can do it, and believing it’s a permanent situation.

Not Being A Victim:
I didn’t do anything to deserve having panic disorder, there was no bad decision, I wasn’t a bad person. Victim mode was when I asked these questions fixated on asking “why me?” This only reinforced feelings of sorrow, guilt, anger as why it had to happen to me. Change happened when I realized that “Why Me” was irrelevant, it doesn’t matter why, the only question I must answer is “What am going to do about it?” This is when progress began, as it freed my mind from the negativity and positive beliefs began as improvements were made.

Positive Mindset:

When one beliefs they can accomplish a goal and truly believes it, change is inevitabile. This mindset is critical as without it, when adversity hits, chances of giving up increase dramatically. This positive mindset allows you to face adversity and focus on how you will move past it. There are countless examples of people being told they will never do (blank) again and after believing they can overcome this obstacle and working hard, they do what they were told was “impossible.” Watch the video of Brock Mealer, Watch Now It provides hope and demonstrates that when you face an obstacle, achieving your goal begins with taking the first step, Impossible is nothing. 

What’s your first step?



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