November 13

Why Your Environment Predicts Your Level of Success


As entrepreneurs, we were put on this planet to make an impact by becoming a thought leader. In that way, our platform will grow and we can create our dream life. One of the top reasons why most entrepreneurs never achieve this goal is the lack of a community behind them. After all, nobody makes it alone! We all need a community that will build us up.

As for me, I have the Thought Leader Mastermind – an amazing collection of heart-centered and impact-driven entrepreneurs creating their dream life. This is also an invitation for you to join if it feels good for you. Here are 3 reasons why you should join a community too.

1. Environment

There’s a lot of fears to navigate, including fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of being heard, and even the fear of success. When fears like these come up, you will realize why having an environment is so special.

When I started, I was a lone wolf. I was isolating. I was driven by anger due to constantly being put down and told that I couldn’t achieve it. I have been kicked out of a business startup program when I was launching my idea and was told that it would be financially irresponsible for me to continue.

I had all this adversity and I found myself operating from a place of anger and proving people wrong. Somehow, it was helpful because it helped me push through and achieve a certain level of success. However, it started to become catabolic in the fourth year. It started to eat away at me. I started to see my social circle shrinking. There is also a growing bitterness in me towards other people.

I remember a friend who told me I was starting to come apart at the seams. I realized it was true. I feel like I’m being pulled apart. My physical and mental health was deteriorating. Everything was falling apart. I realized I need to make some changes and the change I was looking for came from changing my environment. 

I started with a small group of two gentlemen. It was an informal kind of mastermind where we would meet once in a while and have dinner together. I noticed I was the rookie because they were way more successful than me. Being in the group opened my mind up to a whole new level of possibilities.

One of the members, who have been my top client from the last few years, has pushed me amazingly. He said, “Luke, you need to create a mastermind. Create a group because we could make magic together.” And so I did, with his urging and his vision.

Most entrepreneurs are going to have family baggage, friend baggage, or critic baggage. But when you’re able to get into a room of people that are like-minded, supportive, eager to see you succeed, and will stand for your transformation, they will help you elevate and achieve your goals. Ask yourself, “Who am I associating with regularly?”

2. What to Avoid

The second piece of why masterminds and these types of groups are so powerful is that it gives you a snapshot of what to avoid. In this type of group, there will be people who have so many experiences than you. You can share what challenges you are having because some people have already been there.

Some people made big mistakes and learned what to do differently. Learning from them will save you time and money as they help you navigate those waters. Seeing what’s ahead and how to navigate and not make the same mistakes is a powerful tool. Wouldn’t you rather learn from other people’s mistakes, instead of having to make them yourself?

3. Collaboration

The third component is a collaboration. Being able to sit down and connect with different people is another powerful tool. You can share podcasts platforms and connect. There are also so many joint ventures that can happen. All of this is possible because being with a group allows you to establish the “network effect.”

There are so many people behind an individual. There could be thousands of entrepreneurs or ideal clients with each person. The exponential network effect makes a big difference, especially the referrals you will receive. Masterminds allow you to do this because nobody makes it on their own. As you navigate through the waters of fears, these group of people will support you and fast-track your success.

Find Your Tribe

Evaluating and being mindful of who you spend your time with have a major impact on your career and your trajectory. Go ahead and find your tribe. The fastest way to move forward is to look at your environment. If you change the environment you are in, you will also change the outcome of your journey.

For myself, I’m very protective of the Thought Leader Mastermind because we have such an amazing group. We start with Speak With Confidence as the foundational program. It is a place to see what is possible for you.

If the Thought Leader Mastermind makes sense for you from that place, we will look at exploring you to get into it. If you are interested in Speak With Confidence, go to levelupliving.com and book a call. If it is the right fit for you, it will be the best decision you can make for your business because it will help you share your message and make a bigger impact.


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