August 5

The Price Of A Passion Project


I’m fortunate to have found a career path that I’m passionate about and feel privileged to be pursuing it. It’s commonly said that you must find what you’re passionate about and then pursue it to achieve success. This is true, but I will this saying misses three critical components:

1. You must work your @SS off!!

2. You must make many sacrifices

3. It won’t happen on the first attempt

I cringe when hearing the statement “find something you like and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is a myth and I worry it gives future entrepreneurs false expectations.

I don’t know who said that, but I disagree as you will likely work harder than in past jobs because it has more meaning and you’re personally connected to it’s success. When I present or lead training sessions, I feel in the zone, it’s amazing to see the difference being made in people’s lives and hearing their feedback. When that’s happening, I’m in a state of flow and it’s effortless. While this is the case when presenting, what’s not being factored in is the countless hours of research, testing, mistakes, refinements, and presentations it took to get to this level. The effort never ends as there is always something to learn and ways to improve, and that must be embraced as part of the process towards your passion project’s success..

This post is being written on a gorgeous Sunday, long weekend afternoon, with the sun out and the beach calling. I watched a video last night where Gary Vaynerchuk said that he works today for results he will see in 24 months, that is very true. The impact of your work in building a business and brand is one of delayed gratification and I work hard today for my future.

Many entrepreneurs will make their first attempt, have it not work out as expected, then decide it’s not for them and get the first job available. Most successful business owners failed on their first attempt, or did they? It depends on how you define failure. I feel failure is having a goal and allowing the fear to prevent you from taking the steps to make it a reality.

My first business attempt had good intentions, but followed a path that wasn’t financially viable, so that came to a quick stop. There have been a few pivots from there, each time my business became more viable and 2 years later, I believe am on a path to create a viable business, but will not know for a few months:)

The journey is interesting and I chose this path to follow my calling and wouldn’t trade it. There have been trying periods and challenges encountered, but that is expected. If you’re thinking at starting a business, find something you’re passionate about, be ready to make sacrifices and work harder than ever before to pursue a path to business success.

Best wishes on your journey:)


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