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The 1 Thing Preventing You From Achieving Your Potential


You’re a business professional and you know there’s a next level that’s possible in your career, but you’re not achieving it.

This may be frustrating because you want to be your best and don’t like that you’re being held back.

It can show up in many ways:

*You’re competent in your role, but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve

*In meetings, you have great ideas, but sometimes don’t share them. Then are frustrated thinking “Why didn’t I share?”

*You’re overlooked for a promotion by someone that isn’t as skilled as you

*You’re comfortable speaking in a small group, but if more than 10-20 people, you become nervous

*You downplay your successes and if praised, quickly shrug it off saying “It’s nothing”

*You have an opportunity to gain exposure, leading  a meeting, public speaking, sales calls, but avoid it because the fear and stress is overwhelming

*When speaking instead of the “real you” shining, you’re stiff, robotic, and a shell of what you could be. This shows as you stand up you’re a bunch of nerves, stress, and sweat 🙁

If any of these statements connect with you, know one powerful fact…

You’re not alone

This is a very common scenario for business professionals and entrepreneurs, they have their potential but are being held back.

This can leave you feeling frustrated as you don’t know what to do to change it.

You may feel isolated, feeling you’re alone in this struggle, possibly further reducing your self-confidence as you question:

“What’s wrong with me?”

Thinking that you should be able to figure it out yourself.

This often leads to fear, fear of how many regrets will you accumulate as you continue to miss opportunities, play small, and be held back because of these self-doubts.

If you’re experiencing this, you may be feeling bit emotionally charged right now as you read this, because it’s taking you back to a few of your missed opportunities.

I have good news and great news.

The good news is there’s a missing link to make this shift in your life.

The great news is helping you turn this situation around is what we specialize in so that you can get to the next level in your career.

Link to our training: Workshop Info

The missing link is Confidence

Confidence-missing link

Confidence is defined as “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.” 

When you have it, you’re able to take action, be bold in your communication, you’re assertive and people see and respect you as a leader.

While this is great, confidence is something that most business professionals lack and need to improve on. They’re stuck at their current level of success and instead of “believing in themselves and their own powers” they:

*Constantly question if they can do it or are good enough

*Seek outside people to validate their worth through acknowledgment (which rarely happens, so confidence further erodes)

*Are not treated with the respect they deserve because their lack of confidence

*Say “yes” to things you don’t want to do because you don’t want to let people down

*Avoiding conflict, with a desire to “not rock the boat” and keeping everyone happy is a central belief although it often leaves you being pulled in many directions, not respected, and becoming a door mat

*When facing a decision, you over-think and over-analyze options, then finally make a decision, only to begin a cycle of questioning if it was the right one, what you should have done different, and beating yourself up for wasting all this time

*If you have a presentation, you’ll dread the event and as it gets closer, the stress and anxiety will build so you’re not able to get restful sleep. You’ll spend many hours in a cycle of dread, worry, and preparing so you don’t absolutely bomb. This robs you of the energy needed to make a confident connection with your audience.

While this situation is bad, the worst part is that it builds an aversion to putting yourself out there and seizing speaking opportunities. So you avoid the opportunity, but then you beat yourself up because you know that seizing these opportunities are exactly what you need to do to improve your career and be viewed as a leader.

As the missed opportunities pile up, your confidence continues to erode as each loss reduces your belief in yourself and the stress and anxiety continues to build for future opportunities.

The most damaging part is that these missed opportunities are all adding regrets to your life.

You reflect and think back to what you could have done, who you could have become, and instead of celebrating your successes, you’re reviewing missed opportunities and what could have been if you had only believed in yourself more and taken action.

When I look at confidence, the word I best associate is Freedom.

When you have confidence, you’re free to be yourself. You’re comfortable in your skin. You speak your truth, not what you think people want to hear

You understand that conflict and differing opinions is part of open communication. You’re not looking to please everyone, you are confient in sharing your thoughts and feelings

Freedom is to get out of your own way to take bold steps towards achieving your potential. The one you know is possible, but are being held back from due to a lack of confidence

If you resonate with this and want to gain the freedom that confidence provides. We offer a training that specializes in how to systematically build it up for you.

5 Steps To Build Your Confidence

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail. Put yourself out there and seize every speaking and leadership opportunity
  2. Be POLARIZING. Instead of trying to “just fit it” focus on how you can stand out
  3. Be “Unapologetically Authentic.” As you stand out, recognize that some people will not like you. This is expected, focus on connecting with those that you align with
  4. Counter negative thoughts. When you seize speaking opportunities, you’ll quickly have a list of things you didn’t do well. Focus instead of what you did well and what you will improve next time.
  5. Stack Wins. Take the long view as a mistake people make is they look at their next presentation as “make or break.” Either they do well or they will never be good at it. It takes practice and exposure to improve your skills, keep taking action.

While everyone would benefit from increased confidence, trying to do it on your own is often a struggle as without motivation, support, and accountability, it turns out like trying to work out using home fitness DVD’s.

Good intentions, fleeting motivation, then you stop and are frustrated wondering why you can’t succeed.

If you’d like to increase your communication confidence, take your career to the next level, and want the shortcut to gain the freedom that confidence provides, we offer training to make is your new reality.

We do this in an exclusive environment, safe and support groups of only 6 participants so you get the attention necessary to make this transition.

Video taped speaking so you see yourself improving, which reinforces your motivation as you see actual improvement in your abilities, which them motivates you to take more action.

Because it’s only 6 people in a group, you also benefit from getting live training and feedback to improve on the spot, so you can implement immediately.

This system provides you with the shortcut, so if you want fast results, and instead of wondering

“How my life would be better if you were more confident?”

You would rather take actions, have successes, and build your confident future.

Get the shortcut to your confident future and the freedom it provides by clicking this link: Confidence Training



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