August 13

The Fear of Looking Bad


Do you want to put yourself out there, be on stage or in a video, but you’re afraid of looking bad? This is one fear that holds so many people back and we have to shift it around.

Here are 5 tips to overcome the fear of looking bad so you can give yourself permission to step up and play a bigger game, make a bigger impact, and share your message.

1. Remember that bad is better than nothing.

In terms of the big picture, bad is better than nothing. Many people get paralyzed by this fear of looking bad that they never even get started. At least you’re putting yourself out there! At least you’re in the game and you’re getting started.

2. Reinforce that progress is better than perfection.

Often, people get caught in the “perfectionist trap.” They want to be able to say everything exactly how they want, otherwise, they will not put themselves out there. You need to shift this route and reinforce that progress is

better than perfection. After all, perfection doesn’t exist. What matters is that you are making progress every day, you are moving towards your goals, and you are doing the best you can today.

3. Become an inspiration by shifting your fear.

When you shift your fear around, you become a role model for everybody else who’s also afraid to get started. Often, being an inspiration to others gives you more courage to do what you are doing. You may be scared that it is going to look bad, but knowing that you can inspire others is worth it.

Every single time you step on that stage, or speak at a meeting, or put a video out there, you are inspiring people that it is safe to do the same. So do it not just for yourself, but also for somebody else. It is time to shift your fear around to reclaim your voice and your power to share your message.

4. Tell yourself that judgments are normal.

Public speaking is normal. We are all freely self-expressed the moment we’re born. We came into this world with no filter and no fear, until we start to hold ourselves back because of the judgments from others.

People have judgments all over the place and that’s okay. Even if you make mistakes, you have time to fix them as you move forward. The bigger win is the personal victory that you are putting yourself out there.

Regardless of what you do, people are going to judge you anyway. Just embrace it and put yourself out there. Trust that the right clients–the ones that are ideal for you–are going to love you and be interested to work with you.

5. Make it about the audience, not yourself.

We are our own worst critic. The fear of looking bad or sounding stupid is all internal and ego-based. Instead of focusing on yourself, shift the focus to the audience. Make it about them.

When they’re watching your videos, what transformation do you want them to have? Some people are struggling with stress and anxiety so much that they wouldn’t care about the lighting, sound, or even the camera you are using. Just start reinforcing what you do well and know that others are not going to look at it out of the same microscope that you do. They just want to know that they are not alone and there is hope.

Show Up and Share Your Message

What do you think is going to shift in your business and your life as you permit yourself to put yourself out there? Do not let your fears and insecurities hold you back from the mission to help lift other people.

Show up and share your message! People are not going to judge you as much as you judge yourself. Showing up is what’s going to reward people and that’s where the connection is going to be.



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