April 9

Start Strong In Your Presentation:How To Improve Communication-Pt 4


Have you ever had the feeling when you begin a presentation that everyone in the audience is just staring at you?

When this happens, words have a tendency to hide and be misplaced, why can I not remember what to say? Then the frustration builds and you become flustered, quickly scanning the audience and it feels like you’re bombing this presentation.

If you have, there’s a quick solution:

Start Strong!

The best way to begin a presentation without losing words and getting frustrated is to begin with a story or other well-rehearsed opener.

Why this is critical for Effective Communication:

1. It’s easy to remember. Stories has survived centuries because they’re memorable. Think about a funny story you know, how difficult is it to remember the main points? It’s not difficult, it’s very easy.

2. It reduces the amount of effort your brain must use to remember. This frees up energy to engage the audience and build a better connection.

3. It quickly builds your confidence. When you start a presentation with your solid opener, you avoid stumbling, which reinforces to yourself that you won’t bomb the presentation. Once you’ve confident that it will be a success, you relax and the rest of the presentation flows easily.

Check out this video on How To Start Strong:


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