April 9

Speak With Supreme Confidence: How To Improve Communication-Pt 6


Have you ever given a presentation and felt that you may not have enough experience to be viewed as an expert? This is very common as there’s often a worry that someone will challenge your expertise, which can lead to nervous feelings and you begin second-guessing yourself when presenting. This type of internal dialogue is not productive as it conflicts on where where focus needs to be: Providing value for your audience.

There is one sure-fire way to increase your confidence when public speaking that is overlooked and that is:

Be Confident In Your Successes!

Review your past work experience and identify specific cases that you made a positive impact in your client’s lives. This will boost your confidence and simultaneously reduce nerves because with each reviewed experience, you further convince yourself of how you assist your clients.

Here’s the video that explains this process:

This concludes part 6 of our series on “How To Communicate With Confidence On Stage” and the key to increase the benefit of these suggestions is to put them into action immediately. Look for any opportunity to use these skills in action, it could be a meeting, small group discussion, or a presentation and refine your skills to communicate with confidence.


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