Become A Confident Speaker In Only 3 Days

Next Training is on May 13-15 2022


You missed out!

There are two types of clients that we specialize in:

1. Public speaking makes you nervous, perhaps you even avoid public speaking at all costs.
If so, you’re not alone as the fear of public speaking is the most common fear people, so you’re not alone, but this has led to you feeling frustrated because you see other people speaking in public and think “why can’t I do that?
And this leads to you not getting your message out there for your ideal clients to find you, so you haven’t been making the income or impact that you know you could if you started seizing speaking opportunities.

2. You’re good at speaking in public, but you want to be great.
You seize speaking opportunities, but you know there are areas to improve because speaking confidence is a key to take your business to the next level.
Get more effective delivery, better engagement with the audience, and really find your authentic voice so you’re able to deliver a message that positions you as a Leader so you can make the income and impact that you deeply desire.

Watch Lucas Explain Why Every Leader

Must Be A Great Speaker

What You’ll learn in this workshop:

Imagine If After Only 3 Days Of Public Speaking Classes You Could Speak With Confidence In Any Situation…

Seize Every Opportunity

You say “Yes” to every speaking opportunity…no more regrets. Because you now have the skills to calm the nerves, engage your audience, and look good every time

Be Viewed As A Leader

With the ability to confidently speak in public, it’s your competitive advantage because most people won’t. You’re sharing your authentic voice, connecting with more ideal clients, and gaining the respect you deserve

Grow Your Business

Now that you’re putting yourself out there more and sharing your authentic message, this leads to getting more exposure, ideal clients, income, and impact because speaking confidence allows you to stand out from the competition

The Speak With Confidence Workshop Will Teach You


How to gain the confidence to confidently speak in every situation. You will be able to communicate effectively because you no longer have nerves stealing your confidence before speaking.


How to refine your message so you never fumble with your words. Clients understand why you’re the best solution for their needs and hire you.


How to refine your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, so can you make a great impression every time with a polished and professional presentation.


How to structure your talk using a framework that makes speaking easy when its spontaneous or planned.

Upcoming Dates:
May 13-15, 2022
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm each day

Granville Island Hotel
1253 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC

Watch How Quickly Transformation Can Happen
One of the features of this public speaking course is that we record everybody doing a talk on both days. Without fail, our entire class is amazed at the transformation that occurs between the two days.

Kayla, one of our best clients, was gracious enough to allow us to post her two videos. We wanted to show you the transformation that took place in just one day!

If this can happen for Kayla, it can happen for you as well.

Each public speaking workshop is limited to only 10 participants to provide the environment required for you to receive the best results and experience possible.
We guarantee satisfaction for participants and to ensure it’s an ideal fit for us, we personally speak with every qualified applicant.

Mary Fitzgibbons


"I struggled with public speaking for years. I was terrified of the thought of standing in front of people. After two days of training with Lucas, I was transformed. I now have the tools to speak confidently and am actually excited for my next opportunity."

Melany Wins

Sales and Marketing Expert

" I went from being nervous and insecure to being confident and ready to rock any room. Since I have taken Lucas’s course, I have landed a DREAM JOB!, that I love and have been able to captivate and CAPTURE an audience with just being myself, telling a story and remaining my unique and authentic self. I have spoken numerous times now in front of groups of up to 50."

Andrew Seipp

Marketing Specialist

I thought I was a confident public speaker after having attended Toastmasters for many years, but Speak With Confidence brought my skills to a whole new level. 

I was shocked with my improvement and have earned over 10x my investment in the workshop in the first 2 months after the training by using my new confidence to get more clients

Our Public Speaking Classes Guarantee Results

You may have attended public speaking classes in the past, where you are loaded with information, leave excited and optimistic, but then the overwhelming demands of your busy life hit you and these skills are not implemented.

You don’t need more information. You need transformation – from where you are now to the confident speaker you dream of becoming. That’s what makes Speak With Confidence so different. It isn’t just another public speaking training, it is an life-changing experience because you get to practice speaking, are recorded, and you watch the videos so you see exactly where to improve. 

You get to practice techniques, develop your own style, and get honest feedback from the trainer and peers. It’s time to achieve mastery over your nerves and grow in confidence as a speaker.

This Is What You Will Appreciate About This 3-Day Public Speaking Course:

Small Class Sizes

We limit classes sizes to eight participants. This keeps the environment safe and ensures you get lots of personal training.

Lots of Time to Practice

There is no better way to grow than to see yourself on camera. We give you lots of opportunities to practice and make important corrections.

Step-By-Step Confident Speaker Blueprint

We offer a proven system, step-by-step program of exactly how to self-manage nerves, to speak authentically, to shift your mindset so you gain the freedom to seize every opportunity to confidently speak in public including 1-on-1’s, on video, and in any presentation from 10-20 people and all the way up to an audience over 1,000 people.

Speaking Tools You Can Use For Life

Proven system of stress management techniques to give you control over public speaking nerves so you’re able to communicate effectively because you’re no longer have nerves stealing your confidence before speaking

Each public speaking workshop is limited to only 8 participants to provide the environment required for you to receive the best results and experience possible.
We guarantee satisfaction for participants and to ensure it’s an ideal fit for us, we personally speak with every qualified applicant.