March 8

Impossible Is Nothing:Italo Romano


This story is incredible and hit me hard in that it shows limitations are only a state of mind.

Extreme sports star still flying high despite losing his legs as a teenager. These gravity-defying stunts would be impressive no matter who was performing them. But they are all the more amazing when you realize this extreme sports star, Italo Romano, has no legs.

Italo Fernandes Romano lost his limbs when he was in a train accident as a teenager.

But the 23-year-old, of Curitiba in Brazil, refused to let it get him down. Now, just a few years after he took up skateboarding, he is rated one of the best in the business – above many able-bodied competitors.

And he has performed his stunning tricks in tournaments across the world. Romano’s rise to fame has been documented by photographer Ricardo Porva.

He said: ‘When I first saw Italo I was amazed and I noticed, despite his disability, he had a great style.’

Mr Porva added: ‘When he was 13, he was playing with friends on a train. The boys would try to balance between carriages in the gap and one day he fell and lost his legs.

‘Italo is a great friend and we are constantly laughing and exchanging experiences.

‘He has a big heart and soul and is so funny, all the day smiling. I wanted to photograph him and show the world what a talent he has.

He learns new tricks so fast and is so loved in Brazil, I wanted others to see him.’

Article link:http://www.metro.co.uk/news/856545-extreme-sports-star-still-flying-high-despite-losing-his-legs-as-a-teenager


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