November 22

I’m Proof That Hope Is Never Lost: The Josh Hamilton Story


I read Josh Hamilton’s story and was inspired, motivated, and felt myself cheering for him. He has been through many hard times and has now come out on top. I want him to succeed because in doing so, he gives all of us hope to succeed as well.

I have the same feelings towards my Panic Disorder as Josh Hamilton does towards his addiction. As someone that has regained control of their life, I know how it feels to fight your demons. Although Panic Disorder has taken me to some very dark places and difficult times, I now hold no resentment towards having it. The challenges I face in achieving tasks that others take for granted has given me motivation and a greater appreciation for the small accomplishments in life. When you have experienced tough times, it makes the feeling of success that much better. It is a part of my life and who I am. I believe Panic Disorder was given to me with the intention that I would eventually control it and use the experience to help people that are going through their own challenges.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember Josh Hamilton when you are going through a difficult period.

I’m Proof That Hope Is Never Lost”
-Josh Hamilton

Wishing you success on your journey,



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