June 24

How To NOT Blow An Upsell


When you give a presentation, the key is to always ask yourself, what’s your desired outcome at the end of your presentation. When you first focus on what action you want your audience to take at the end because you can now plan the steps you need to provide in order for that result to happen.

I see this done incorrectly at many presentations and it always leads to a low number of participants taking the offer, which can crush a trainer’s business and confidence as they continue to struggle and give presentations, that don’t produce results.

The most common mistake made is when a presenter, speaks about their topic without focusing their attention on providing value. When you haven’t provided value to your audience first, there is little chance that they will continue to work with you and take the up-sell because you have failed to provide them with valuable content that will assist them. In order for you to increase your upsell conversion rate, focus on providing value first because then your client wil have an actual demonstration, tangible proof that you are good at what you do and are capable of taking them to the next level in their business and life. When you’ve front-loaded the value, their feelings of risk to continue working together wil reduce because they can easily justify their decision by saying “he/she has provided great infomation and they’ll continue to do so.”

Key Takeaway:

Provide value asap because the faster you provide high quality information, the faster your potential clients will want to do business with you.


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