December 21

Critical Questions for Career Search


When assessing the career options to follow, there were two questions that had significant influence on the path I chose to pursue.

1. What contribution do I want to make?

Choosing a career path to follow can be a frustrating decision given the number of options available. Through exploration, I discovered that I ultimately wanted to help people. From here I was able to narrow my options to how I planned to make a career from that. After becoming open about my personal changes, I received feedback that there was a need for positive examples of overcoming adversity and Level Up Living was born. People are remembered for their accomplishments and the impact they had on society. You have the choice to make positive or negative impacts through your actions.

This question has provided a framework as I have identified who I am and the legacy I want to leave behind. Since identifying the goal of helping people, its led to clarity in career options because I have a broad goal that I can refine as my ideal career is pursued.

This answer leads into the second question.

2. How much money must I earn to be satisfied?

I was asked this question by a professor in University and it was very difficult to answer. My initial answer was “as much as possible.” The problem with this is that you can’t gauge progress or set goals because there isn’t a defined number. Without a target salary, you can find yourself turning into a workaholic or continuously disappointed as you strive to earn more money. I believe people will always want more, examples of excess are everywhere. Target a desired salary this will, allow you to feel satisfied in that aspect and enable you to pursue other components of a “rich” life ie: health, relationships, personal development, etc.



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