June 10

All I Ask For…


I’ve been on this journey for 1.5 years now and it’s been an adventure. Pursuing my passion in the belief that it will be financially sustainable has been a leap of faith. There have been many times when I have questioned my path and thought of the security steady income would provide, but at what cost?? What would it cost me in happiness and what do I gain from the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction in the pursuit of making a difference.

This past week I have experienced a couple hurdles that led to reality checks. Starting a business is stressful and my coping skills have been tested. I’ve been trying to do it all myself and not having a background in online business, I have realized I need to relinquish control and hire pros to do what they do best. In order to do this, I need money, something a startup generally struggles with and began exploring solutions. Although I know that getting a job to generate income is necessary and would enable me to invest in having professionals improve my website and business, it’s difficult to think about doing.

I began having negative thoughts on this prospect as it felt like getting a job was a sign of failure and defeat. Feeling overwhelmed, I questioned if I could work and continue growing my business. I began experiencing stress and anxiety, it was uncomfortable, but this time was different, I had effective coping tools on my side:)

My first step was to write down my scenario that was contributing stress and to brainstorm realistic outcomes that were not the worst-case outcomes that drove the anxiety. Having evidence to challenge the unrealistic thoughts was helpful. Then I used my experiences with Vipassana meditation and began to lean into the emotions that were coming up. It’s instinctual to pull back and avoid discomfort, but exploring it often leads to an understanding of what’s driving it, which provides balanced thoughts and rationalizes the irrational.

I began reflecting on the positive examples of people that had sacrificed to achieve their dreams and focus on what I need to pursue my goals. Shifting the view of getting a job as a means to an end, kickstarted a wave of¬†momentum, I got a part-time job, have money to outsource work, and am back to work with full energy. A couple key supporters have appeared and I’m sure it’s the Law of Attraction at work.

On this path I have no control over what happens or obstacles encountered. All I ask for is:

Strength For The Journey



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