December 27

6 Communication Skills That Get You Promoted


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“Well we’re movin on up, To the east side, To a deluxe apartment in the sky.”

I used to watch the Jefferson’s and enjoyed their their story of moving up in the world, this inspired me to write this post.

If I said there were 6 skills that would skyrocket your chances of a promotion, would I get your attention?

Time Is Our Most Valuable Resource

In today’s frenzied world we’re constantly bombarded with information, it’s too much, too soon, and we can’t process it all. I just checked my inbox and saw that I missed another webinar from a reputable trainer that I know would provide many techniques to improve my business, perhaps I’ll catch the replay. Does this happen to you?

There is so much quality information available that it’s difficult to find time to take it in, but when this happens, ask yourself to imagine getting the promotion you want, what would it feel like, what would you do with the extra money?

I read an interesting article in Forbes that highlighted a study identifying the top 6 communication skills that got people promoted. I’m going in-depth on each point to provide effective tools for you to use and get the promotion that you deserve.

The difference from being invisible at the office and being a central figure isn’t as big as you might imagine. It’s often the subtle actions that make a major impact and once you become respected as an excellent communicator, you will have a major advantage on other competitors going for the same promotions as you.

Next Action Step:

You’re committed to gaining the respect and promotion you deserve from work, so I will provide my analysis of 6 Communication Skills that will get you promoted.

We’ll begin with #6, which addresses good posture and body language. It’s interesting that what you don’t say could have a greater impact on your career advancement than what you do say. Read through each post and take immediate action of the steps to get the most benefit.

You’ll be singing along with The Jefferson’s as “We finally got a piece of the pie!!”




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