Want To Speak Like A Leader?

For business professionals looking to become the most effective leaders they can be by becoming a confident public speaker that shares an engaging message, inspires their audience every time they speak, and lead them to action. 

If you are not a confident public speaker, then you will never achieve your leadership potential and it will limit your career.  

Speak Like A Leader is a transformative training program designed to equip aspiring and current leaders with the essential skills and mindsets necessary to excel in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your leadership abilities or an emerging leader aiming to make a significant impact, this course provides the knowledge and tools to elevate your leadership potential to new heights by becoming a confident public speaker. 

Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, best practices, collaborative discussions, Speak Like A Leader covers the key principles and strategies that build your speaking confidence.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to become confident public speakers and develop their leadership speaking style in addition to creating effective messages every time they speak. 

The training program will provide you with the skills to be more effective in your role, advance your career, and be successful for years to come by learning the skills to not only be comfortable and effective with public speaking, but to also be able to motivate and influence your team members and audiences for best results. 

About Lucas Mattiello

Lucas founded Level Up Living in 2010 with the focus on helping business professionals to become the most effective leaders they can be. 

When looking at leadership, he identified that public speaking was a big obstacle for many leaders and there were 3 key areas that separated the great leaders from the average ones.

First, the fear of public speaking stopped many leaders from sharing their message and gaining the recognition and respect they needed to advance their career. They needed to gain. the confidence to say "YES" to speaking opportunities and become comfortable speaking in public.  

Second, was creating an effective message. Unfortunately, in today's business world many messages just miss the mark and loaded with information, which leaves the team to be overwhelmed and checked out during meetings and presentations. 

Lastly, was being an effective and engaging communicator. Even if you have great information, a leader that wasn't able to effectively share their message would struggle. The most effective leaders were those that would engage their audiences to feel inspired to take action and feel like a valued member of the team. 

In 12 years, Level Up Living has helped over 1,000 professionals to become more effective leaders with upgraded skills, they’re able to more effective in their role, advanced their career, and create more powerful teams. 

Lucas is an internationally renowned trainer that has been featured in Forbes, is a best-selling author, is a TEDx Speaking Coach, and TEDx speaker

A Few Of Our Speak Like A Leader Clients

Speak Like A Leader was transformational for me to helped me to find my authentic leadership style and learn the tools to get the best results from my team and effectively share my message in all situations.

I feel like a more confident and capable leader now and I'm already seeing better results from my team and it's only a week after the training and I'm excited for the results that will continue coming in the future.

Elizabeth M

Marketing Professional 

I originally had apprehensions about joining the Speak Like A Leader program because I had always received good feedback from my team and reports about my presentations, but I thought there may be some room for improvements. 

During the training I was surprised to realize how many areas I could improve and tips and tools I learned.

While I may have been good, the training helped me to find how I could become great when speaking in public. 

I have already done a couple presentations and team meetings since the training and the team has been more engaged.

I even received feedback that they were inspired my my message. This was great to hear my only regret is that I didn't do this training sooner.

Maki M. 

HR Recruiter

I joined Speak Like A Leader because I have a great team and want to find a way to make sure I was showing up as best as I could for them. The training program was great and learning how to become an authentic leader was the most helpful because before I always felt a bit boxed in to what a leader was supposed to be like and it was great to find my authentic style that I feel confident with. 

Now that I have found my authentic style it has been fun to speak to my team and the team has responded positively to my meetings and presentations since the training and mentioned they are more engaged, which is great to hear.

Neil A. 

Operations Director



Training 1: Become Comfortable Speaking In Public: 

Conquer public speaking nerves and gain stress management tools to reduce the anxiety that often comes with public speaking. 

From here, you will gain the foundational elements for public speaking like body posture tools, hand gestures, mindset training, and experience to begin seizing public speaking opportunities.


Training 2: Become An Effective Public Speaker 

Learn how to create an effective message using our content framework.

Gain tools to get into the right headspace for public speaking. How to use proper pacing and pitch when speaking, finding the ideal volume for public speaking.

Use content frameworks to learn how to effectively create a message that will be easy for an audience to understand and gain experience feeling confident when speaking in public. 


Training 3: Speak Like A Leader

Most leaders are monotone and focus mostly on just getting their information out to their teams and audiences, but this doesn’t engage them so they check out...even if the information is great. 

To effectively share your message, you must be able to have an engaging delivery style to find that is authentic so you connect with audience and inspire them to what to take action.

You also need to share stories. Story is a powerful tool to connect with an audience and demonstrate the changes that are possible. 

Every powerful leader has the ability to connect with their audiences and you will gain the best practices to engage your audience to take action because action is where the team members improve in their roles.  


Training 4: Speaking At Events And Conferences  

It's one thing to speak to your team and motivate them, but the next level is to take this skill and speak at conferences and industry events.

This positions you as an expert and leads to the ability to be viewed as a leader in your industry, which whether to attract top talent to your team, promote your organization, or make a bigger impact in the world, all of these goals can be achieved by speaking at events.

Gain the technical skills necessary to contact event organizers to be booked for talks and follow up to leverage that opportunity to gain more speaking events in the future. 

An effective presentation combined with the ability to lead the audience to action, plus speaking at industry events is essential to be a top leader in today's business world.   

What makes us different

This training program provides you with the training to become a great leader by providing you with best practices to become not only a comfortable speaker, but the ability to become an inspiring leader that shares a message that engages your team. 

And Instead of a training with 30-40 people, we limit our training group to only 16  participants to ensure your success 

Speak Like A Leader Training Cost:

Investment For 8-Week Training



  • Presentation Slide Templates 
  • Access To Online Training Modules
  • Four 1-Day In-person Training
money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this training, just get in touch with our team and we'll find a solution for you so you get your desired results or give you a refund.

A Personal Note

The ability to speak like a leader is a superpower in today's business world because you will perform better, have a more engaged team, and can clearly communicate an inspiring message. 

Unfortunately most people will never experience these benefits because they lack the training to achieve this goal.  

Fortunately, this training program will teach you exactly how to become a great leader and thrive in your role, in leading your team, and communicating your message. 

This will advance your career and allow you to be a better leader for many years to come.