Want To Speak Like A Leader?

For entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to use public speaking opportunities to increase your exposure, income, and build your business by attracting more ideal clients by leveraging the power of exposure from stages 

If you are not a confident public speaker, then your career will struggle

Most entrepreneurs and professionals know that they should be doing talks, but they are being held back due to feeling nervous to put themselves out in public or not sure how to create their presentation content. 

This can be frustrating because to thrive...and even survive in today's business is world, gaining exposure is essential. 

Perhaps you're even seeing less qualified competitors doing better than you in business just because they're building their exposure through talks.

Or you're seeing less competent colleagues being promoted and respected just because they seize speaking opportunities. 

The good news is that Own The Stage is a training program that will teach you how to build effective presentations and how to gain the confidence so that you engage the audience every time you speak. 

This will ensure you have the skills to put yourself out there so you advance your career and success for years to come. 

About Lucas Mattiello

Lucas founded Level Up Living in 2010 with the focus on providing the most effective trainings for entrepreneurs and business professionals to overcome one of the most common challenges that people face today…the fear of public speaking.

When a person is fearful or even uncomfortable speaking in public, it holds their career back because they either won’t speak up, so their ideal clients won’t know about them. Or if they do speak in public, they struggle to effectively communicate their message.

Level Up Living has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs and professionals to overcome these nerves and fears and now with their upgraded skills, they’re able to get their message out to their ideal clients, grow their business, and secure their future.

An interesting point is that you wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition to become a Public Speaking trainer, but that’s what Lucas did. For 15 years, Lucas struggled with panic attacks and anxiety and it was in overcoming that challenge he gained the inspiration to help others to overcome their fears after he experienced what’s possible when you do. 

Lucas is an internationally renowned communications trainer that has been featured in Forbes, is a best-selling author, is a TEDx Speaking Coach, and TEDx speaker

Own The Stage Happy Clients

Jay Gangnes

Financial Advisor

For years I was committed to changing the financial Industry, but was too afraid to speak in public.

Own the Stage has provided the training for me to now do monthly talks, which have allowed me to get more clients and grow my business.

Now with the content to create an effective message and the confidence to speak on every stage, I see myself as a Leader and my business is growing. 

Angelina Hung


I joined Own The Stage because I was scheduled to speak at a conference and wanted to do a great job because it was an opportunity to grow my business.

This training provided me with the tools to create my talk and confidence when speaking on stage. 

I successfully completed my talk and got many clients directly at the event and more in the following weeks, which is amazing. Now I have more talks booked and am excited to do more! 

Marlon Doll

Digital Marketing Specialist

I originally had apprehensions about joining the Own The Stage program because I thought “Oh, I already have some of this down.

I have already done a couple talks, but after I joined, I realized how much training I actually needed to build an effective talk and be able to be an engaging speaker on stage.  

Through the process of working with Lucas, I've had many successes for my business and have been doing regular talks to promote my business services.

Now I have another tool to get exposure for generating new clients and this is exciting because I'm well positioned to be viewed as an expert and more important, will have access to gain new clients from doing presentations  

Training Modules


Module 1: Creating Your Effective Presentation (Signature Talk)

Learn how to build your talk content, slide deck, and how to reach out to event organizers so you can give presentations, effectively deliver your talk, make your offer, and get clients from talks.


Module 2: Presentation Training 

Most presenters are monotone and focus mostly on just getting their information out to the audience, but this doesn’t engage the audience or lead to attracting clients. 

To effectively share your message, you must be able to have an engaging delivery style to find that is authentic so you connect with potential clients and position you as the person they will work with. 

This is where you learn the best practices for body posture, vocal projection, authentic audience connection, and sharing your offer so it attracts your ideal clients. 


Module 3: Get Booked For Talks & Leveraging The Exposure 

Gain the technical skills necessary to identify the best places to contact to do presentations and how to effective use email for outreach and setting up a meeting. 

Then you will learn how to position yourself as the best candidate for the speaking position and how to leverage and network at the event to maximize the connections you make. 

Also, you will learn how to effectively follow up with new contacts made at the event and how to leverage your new relationship with the event organizer to be booked at other events.   

What makes us different

Most training programs teach you either the content or delivery, but not both so you can't effectively use the training to get speaking opportunities when you are missing one.

This training program provides you with the to become a confident speaker and leader because every leader that uses speaking in public to advance their career needs to have both a compelling message and engaging delivery. 

Instead of a business training with 100's of people, we limit our training group to only 12 people to ensure your success 

Own The Stage Training Cost

Gaining the ability to say "yes" to presentations, build an effective talk, and confidently share your talk, is a skill that will allow you to gain clients and have success in your career for as long as you're in business. 

Investment For 2-Month Training



  • Live Weekly Training Calls 
  • Access To Online Training Modules
  • 2-Day In-person Training
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A Personal Note

The ability to speak with confidence on stages is a superpower in today's business world. 

Unfortunately most people will never experience these benefits because they're afraid to speak in public. 

Fortunately, this training program will teach you exactly how to become an effectively communicator. 

This will advance your career and allow you to be a better leader, team member, and person as effective communication is a skill that is helpful in all areas of life