Become The Most Effective Leader You Can Be

For business professionals looking to become authentic leaders that leader by example and lead a performing team that feels valued and achieves great results.

If you are not an authentic leader, then your career and team will struggle

Level Up Leadership is a transformative training program designed to equip aspiring and current leaders with the essential skills and mindset necessary to excel in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your leadership abilities or an emerging leader aiming to make a significant impact, this course provides the knowledge and tools to elevate your leadership potential to new heights.

Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, best practices, collaborative discussions, Level Up Leadership delves into key principles and strategies that foster effective leadership. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of authentic leadership theories, develop critical leadership skills learn how to motivate their team for results, and effectively share their message. 

The Level Up Leadership training program that will provide you with the skills to be effective in your role, advance your career, and be successful for years to come. 

About Lucas Mattiello

Lucas founded Level Up Living in 2010 with the focus on providing the most effective trainings for business professionals to become the most effective leaders they can be. 

When looking at leadership, he identified there were 3 key areas that separated the great leaders from the average ones.

First, was authentic leadership. Instead of trying to just be like everyone else, those that could identify their uniqueness and stand out led to creating better trust, rapport, and respect in their leadership position as they lead by example.  

Second, was motivating their team. You could authentic and leading by example, but if a leader wasn't able to get the best out of their team, then they weren't very effective. Knowing how to create a culture of trust and supporting their team is essential for creating a high-performing team.

Lastly, was being an effective communicator. Even if you have great information, a leader that wasn't able to effectively share their message would struggle. The most effective leaders were those that would engage their audiences to feel inspired to take action and feel like a valued member of the team. 

In 12 years, Level Up Living has helped over 1,000 professionals to become more effective leaders with upgraded skills, they’re able to more effective in their role and create more powerful teams. 

Lucas is an internationally renowned trainer that has been featured in Forbes, is a best-selling author, is a TEDx Speaking Coach, and TEDx speaker

Level Up Leadership Clients

Elizabeth M

Level Up Leadership was transformational for me to helped me to find my authentic leadership style and learn the tools to get the best results from my team and effectively share my message in all situations.

I feel like a more confident and capable leader now and I'm already seeing better results from my team and it's only a week after the training.  

Neil A. 

I joined Level Up Leadership because I have a great team and want to find a way to make sure I was showing up as best as I could for them. The training program was great and learning how to become an authentic leader was the most helpful because before I always felt a bit boxed in to what a leader was supposed to be like. 

Now that I have found my authentic style it has been fun to lead and speak to my team and I he team has responded positively to my meetings and presentations since the training.  

Maki M. 

I originally had apprehensions about joining the Level Up Leadership program because I had always received good feedback from my team and reports. 

I learned so many tools and realized that I may have been good, but the training inspired me to be great and provided the training to achieve my goals.

I have already done a couple presentations since the training and the team has been more engaged. I even received feedback that they were inspired my my message. This was great to hear and I'm actually excited now to give more presentations now that I see how effective presentations can be for a leader. My only regret is that I didn't do this training sooner. 



Training 1: Authentic Leadership: Find Your Authentic Leadership Style & Lead By Example

Find your authentic leadership style and how to lead your team by example. 

You will have a clear sense of your their authentic leadership style, the tools to be a more effective leader, practice in showing up as an inspirational leader, and the confidence to show up as your authentic self. 


Training 2: Leadership For Results: Unleashing the potential from your team

Most leaders want their team to perform well, but without creating a culture of collaboration, their team's performance will struggle because they're not helping each other or they don't feel like a valued member of the team.  

To effectively lead your team for high-performance, you must create a culture of collaboration, assign meaning to each team member to feel like a valued contributor, and inspire them to want to do their best so you achieve your shared goals. =

This training provides you with the tools to become an effective leader that manages each team members personalities, goals, and work to achieve your shared vision


Training 3: Speak Like A Leader: Be An Effective And Engaging Communicator

Most leaders are monotone and focus mostly on just getting their information out to their teams and audience, but this doesn’t engage them so they check out...even if the information is great. 

To effectively share your message, you must be able to have an engaging delivery style to find that is authentic so you connect with audience and inspire them to what to take action. Every inspiring leader has the ability to engage their audience to take action because action is where the team members improve in their roles.  


Training 4: Powerful Presentations: Creating Impactful Presentations That Lead To Action 

Gain the technical skills necessary to create powerful presentations that engage your audience and compels them to action. This is useful both to your team and speaking at events.  

You will learn more only the content and slide design to excel at presentations, but also how to use stories and facts to reinforce points to make your message more impactful.

An effective presentation combined with the ability to lead the audience to action creates a powerful presenter, which will make you an effective leader because this skillset is essential to be a top leader in today's business world.   

What makes us different

Most training programs teach you best practices of leadership and models what an effective leader is supposed to look, speak, and act like, but we believe that not every leader is made to be the same.

It is more important that you find your authentic style so that you can more effectively lead your team, while using the best practices to get the best performance from them...all from the place of authenticity and embracing each of our uniqueness. 

This training program provides you with the training to become a great leader by finding your authentic leadership style, learning how to lead your team to get the best results, and become a confident speaker because every great leader uses speaking in public to advance their career and effectively inspire their team. 

And Instead of a leadership training with 20-40 people, we limit our training group to only 8 participants to ensure your success 

Level Up Leadership Training Cost

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If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing training, just get in touch with our team and we'll find a solution for you so you get your desired results or give you a refund.

A Personal Note

The ability to become an authentic leader is a superpower in today's business world because you perform better, have a more engaged team, and can clearly communicate an inspiring message. 

Unfortunately most people will never experience these benefits because they lack the training to achieve this goal.  

Fortunately, this training program will teach you exactly how to become a great leader and thrive in your role, in leading your team, and communicating your message. 

This will advance your career and allow you to be a better leader for many years to come.